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Friday, May 8, 2015

Keep Grandma and Grandpa's computer safe!

Yesterday I  had an article run on FamilyShare about kids that go to Grandma and Grandpa's house to search for porn because their computer doesn't have a filter.

Find the article here:

Here are some more tips for Parents and Grandma and Grandpa to help keep their grandkids internet safe. 

  1. Supervision. Nothing beats good old supervision. Check in on your grandkids, ask them about what they are working on, be interested. Remember: this is your computer. 
  2. Ask yourself, "Do they really need to be on the computer?" If the answer is no, then maybe take them outside, go to a play or bowling or something. Do an activity.
  3. Some parents have the password to their children's social media and email accounts. Others don't. That is up to you.
  4. Some parents and grandparents have signed up for their own social media accounts and then friended or followed or whatever their kids. 
  5. Know what is going on. Are your kids on Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? Google +? SnapChat? Check out a list here: and here: Know what each site does and what the pros and cons are.
  6. Know how your kids access these sites and the internet in general. Phone? Computer? Tablet?
  7. Have a good, healthy communication with your kids so that they know they can come to you with issues and the need to talk.
  8. Call pornography what it is. Don't dance around the issue, let your kids know about the dangers and consequences of pornography. 

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