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Monday, May 11, 2015

Don't go looking at dead deers or pornography!

Explanation of picture is at the end.

Ever heard someone say that they just had to know what their pornography addict spouse was looking at so they went and looked themselves?

I have heard this. A couple of times. 

And each time I thought, "No, no, no." That is not good!

Or, like I've talked about before, there are those addicts who try and get their spouses to participate with them. Which is not good either. 

You don't want those pictures in your head any more than you want them in your spouses head.

It's like the picture at the top of this post. You can know that there is a box. You can know that there is a deer in the box (see feet sticking out on both ends). You can even know details like that the box is a lawn mower box and that the deer is (obviously) dead.
You might even wonder about what happened.

But don't go looking in the box! That isn't something that you need to see. And will it help you to look at the stiff, stinky, deer? You already know it's a dead deer. Do you really need to see all of the details or smell the stink? Will that help you?

No. No it won't. If anything it might scar you. 

So, please heed my words. Don't go looking at dead deers or pornography. Yuck!

By the way, I saw this box on the side of a road with the feet sticking out. What the crud?  But I DID NOT go look. I took this picture from a safe distance, which is why it is so fuzzy!

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