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Monday, May 18, 2015

Apparently the roads are more dangerous than I thought!

So... This bumper sticker opened my eyes to some very distressing problems that I didn't even know existed!

1) What are we going to do about all the wheelchairs on the road? 

2) This really isn't safe. Maybe we should have a "wheelchair lane?"

3) This poor car isn't getting anywhere at this rate! 

4) Do we also need a "walking lane" for all of the parents and their almost grown up children? Because apparently they aren't using the sidewalk. . . 

5) If you are walking with someone else can you use the carpool lane?

6) If so, that's a discriminating title. Maybe we should just call it the pool lane.

7) Speaking of being discriminating, what about all of the deer you see on the road? Where's their picture? And the possums? What about them?

I had no idea!


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