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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Out with 2014, In with 2015.

Out with 2014 and In with 2015! Updates and reviews on the harmful pornography industry.

Morality in Media just came out with their 2015 "Dirty Dozen" list of 12 top contributores and enabelors of Pornography and sexual exploitation. See it Here: . One of the most eye-raising, but oh-so-true additions this year is that of "CKE" restaurants (Carl's Junior and Hardees) for their adds. Yeah, we've all seen them and know that to be true.

Check out this link at Fight the New Drug where they list the most popular pornographic search terms of 2014. It is so crazy. Seriously, our world is in dire trouble.

For more 2014 stats from the pornography industry, go back to Fight the New Drug Here : . This just blows my mind. And the top ten countries with per capita page views? The USA tops the chart with Canada and the UK close behind.

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