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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"5 Tips to Help Parents Start the Conversation About Porn"

A good friend of mine sent me this link to

Lot's of parents get really scared or nervous when they consider talking to their kid(s) about pornography. And, seriously, that is understandable. It isn't a comfortable topic.

It is, however, a very important topic to discuss with your kids. The main point here is that if you don't talk to your kids about pornography, someone else will and they might not do it in a way you'd approve of.

In this day and age, everyone will be subjected to pornography at some point. Help your kids have the necessary tools to deal with those situations when the time comes.

My favorite suggestion, and one that I agree with tremendously, is #5: Name it when you see it. Call it what it is, don't skirt around the issue.

Go check it out and make sure you prepare your kids for when they encounter pornography.


  1. My neighbor was talking to me the other day and I am not sure how but this subject came up. Her pre-teen grandson was on the computer and pretty much amazing her at the speed he was finding everything. She turns to him, and says, so what is your plan if you come up on a site that has bad images or inappropriate content.
    He turned to her, and said "Grandma, there is always a little red X in the corner to click on."
    I think no matter if we are an aunt, uncle, grandparent or parent. We have a bit of an obligation to help the kids around and bring up the topic with them at appropriate times and make sure they know what to do, and make sure we are letting them know that despite what "the rest of the kids" are doing, that it is always okay to walk away or hit the X:)

    1. Very true! Good for that grandson! He could be saving himself from a lot of potential heartache in the future.

      The kids these days are so naturally tech savy, it's scary. If they don't learn to set boundaries now I could see them running into problems we can't even imagine at this point. You never know where technology will take us. . .