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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 3: True Love from a Guy's Perspective

Since I am not a guy I cannot give you the perspective of a guy.

But one of my guy cousins, Austin, had this to say about how to show someone that you love them:

"The best way to show that you love someone is to put them first in all things.  This does not simply mean that you cater to their every whim and desire, it means that you help them become a better person.  We hear frequently, "Just accept me for who i am," or "I'm fine the way i am," but both of these are baloney.  We love people for who they are and who they can become. If you do not allow your spouse/significant other to help you improve yourself and if you are not helping them do likewise then the relationship will stagnant and die.  True love is desiring the very best for and out of your spouse."

I love that! Now, obviously, don't get yourself into a relationship with a murderer because you think you can help them improve. That's not what this means. This means that you want the best things for your spouse and you want to grow together.


  1. Beautifully put! I have had a lot of friends who married and put themselves into the wrong situation, in other words they married young and married guys who loved themselves more than they would ever love their wives. Probably why most of them are divorced now too. Sad to have to learn the hard way!

    Hey I wanted to thank you again for your great presentation in our writers meeting last week. I am so going to start writing for the paper again, and for a few others. I hope you don't mind I mentioned you Monday in my blog post. I probably should have asked your permission, so if you'd rather let me know and I will remove it:)

    Looking forward to seeing your other publications. I haven't had time to get on Deseret Connect yet, but hopefully later this week when life calms down I will have time to get into it!

  2. I like how he phrased that too! And it's competely true. Both partners have to be committed to progressing together.

    We hear all the time the phrase "It takes two to make a marriage work," but the phrase "It only takes one to mess it up" is true as well. You have to both be committed to each other or else it is going to be miserable.

    Thanks for mentioning me, I think that's great! And you should definitely write for the paper again! Here is me cheering for you!!!!!!!!