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Monday, November 3, 2014

"Whatever You Are . . . Be a Good One"

There is a quote I like by Abraham Lincoln. It says:

 "Whatever you are . . . be a good one."

I like this because it is super vague, and yet very specific. Whatever you aspire to in life, whatever your goals and dreams are, do it well. It doesn't say, "If you are a Doctor . . . be a good one" or "If you are a Politician . . . be a good one." Whatever you are . . . be a good one. Do it well. You won't get any happiness from a job half done or a job ill done.

Have you ever eaten at a fast food restaurant and found that the cook didn't "be a good one?" Eww!

Have you ever, I don't know, lived anywhere in the world and watched a political leader not "be a good one?" Bad news!

Have you ever walked into a store bathroom and found that the Janitor didn't be "a good one?" Yuck.

Have you ever seen a parent that just didn't try to "be a good one?" And look what they mess up!

Have you ever had a doctor that didn't "be a good one?" Ouch!

No one is going to be good at everything, but we can sure try! So, Whatever YOU are . . . be a good one." Even if it's only for you, what you do is important to someone.

(Disclaimer: This post does not apply to serial killers, offenders, terrorists, haunted house employees, people who make sales calls to my cell phone, and the like)

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