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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans and Basketball

I saw a Jazz Basketball game the other week (Go Jazz!) and noticed something interesting during the national anthem. The Jazz players had their hands over their hearts as they listened to the singer. The other team did not. As I looked down the row of players I saw that each one had both hands clasped behind his back. All of them but one. One lone player stood with his hand over his heart. What courage is that!? It takes guts to stand alone while every  other member of your team is doing something else. Even if the rest of the team wholeheartedly supports him, I think his actions showed a lot of courage.

Way to go lone player. Way to go. I don't know your name, but way to go.

Then, I saw another Jazz game this last Friday (Go Jazz!) (and no, I don't have season tickets. I was just lucky enough to be given tickets for each game). I missed the beginning, which really stunk because I wanted to see what happened this time during the national anthem.

 I will say that I was very impressed with all of the Veteran's day related celebrating that they did. When we first got there, they handed out pins to everyone (pictured above).

Then, during the game, they had anyone who had served or was serving in any of the armed forces stand up and be honored. They also had everyone stand up who had ever had family members serve. At one point they even lit up all of the screens with the red white and blue.

I was very impressed.

So, since it is Veteran's Day, I thought I would say thanks to all of those men and women out there who have served our country. Also, a big thanks to all of those who do things to honor and support our Veterans!

Specific thanks to my two Great-Grandpas and my Uncle who served and my Cousin who is serving in the Marine Corps, and multiple cousins who have served or are serving in the Air Force.

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