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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Morality In Media

A couple months ago I wrote an article for about the organization Morality in Media (Porn Harms). It was so interesting to talk to them and research their site. All I can say is this: The world is nuts! The world is nuts and thank goodness there are people and organizations like Morality in Media out there trying to fight the sexual exploitation.

One of the most interesting things on their site is their Dirty Dozen List. It lists 12 leading contributors of sexual exploitation. (Read the description on their site, they describe it better). 50 shades of Gray, Facebook and Eric Holder are a few examples of things on the list. 

Have I peaked your interest? Go check out my article here:
 Morality in Media: waging war against pornography since 1962

Or you could check out the article here on their website before you go check out the rest of what they are doing:

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