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Monday, July 27, 2015

Individual Worth Week: Day 1: "Remember who you are"

Welcome to "Individual Worth Week!"

What is Individual Worth you might ask? Well, strictly saying, it's the worth that pertains to you individually. :)

No, but seriously. You grew up attending school assemblies/ pep talks where you were told that you are AMAZING! That you can do anything you put your mind to! Reach for the stars! You watched movies that taught you to seek out your happy ending, to wish upon a star, and to dream. You were called the "champions," the "warriors." You could go anywhere, do anything, and achieve great things! No need to be anyone else. You, as you, are amazing just the way you are!

Then you grew up and somehow forgot all of that. Especially as life throws its "fun" little surprises at you.

I talk alot about spouses of addicts on this blog, and this applies to them whole heartedly. Having a spouse with a pornography addiction can make you feel like you've been limited, you aren't good enough. Or those whose spouses cheated on them. Or those who have just had so much of the cruddy sides of life that they forget to take the time to "Remember who they are."

And it makes sense. It's hard to remember how amazing you can be when you have someone constantly telling you that you aren't good enough.

This week we are going to be focusing on our individual worth. What YOU mean. What YOUR potential is.

I love this video from The Lion King. Simba is questioning who he is and what he should do with his life, and his father (That is actually in heaven) comes to tell him to remember him, Mufasa, and to remember who he, Simba, is. That he is a king.


Did Simba's worth change just because he'd been hanging out with a smelly warthog?


Did Simba's royal ancestry change just because he'd chosen to forget it?


Did his potential diminish just because he'd felt like it had?


And the same goes for each one of us. No matter what, we always have the ability to step up and believe in ourselves. To hang on to the rollarcoaster of life with both hands and choose to survive the ride with class. We may forget our worth, that we as individuals are miraculous. But that doesn't make it any less so.

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