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Thursday, July 30, 2015

I am a hypocrit! Individual Worth Week, Day 3

I am such a hypocrit.

Like many women out there I often get down on myself for what I consider to be a very imperfect body image.

So, why am I a hypocrit?

Probably 85% of the woman I have ever looked up to or admired have been overweight. Most of the best Mom's I know? The hardest workers? The softest hearts? The strongest faith? The ladies in church I have most wanted to be like? Some of the best teachers I have had? The friends who have had qualities that I wish I could share? Many of these woman have the same body type as me.

I don't judge someone by how they look. I know that some people do, sure. But none of us REALLY care about what those kind of people think. The people whose opinion I care about don't judge others based on their weight.

Many women are worried that the guys around them won't like their body image. But if someone doesn't like you based on your body type, then who cares about what they think in the first place?

The focus should be on being healthy, not about what the scale says.

The point is that throughout my life, most of the women I have wished I could be more like would describe themselves as having "more to love."

I don't judge others based on their body type, so why am I judging me based on mine?

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