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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tip: When you have a hard time listening to the radio, make a Safe CD

Sometimes when we go through something very emotionally harrowing, it can be hard to listen to the radio. Have you experienced this? My guess is it's because songs are so emotion-driven and easily remind us about whatever situation we are in because we can easily apply things we hear to us.

Especially love songs. Find out that your spouse or boyfriend is cheating, addicted to porn, breaking up with you, whatever. And it can be hard to listen to the lovey dovey songs on the radio.

So, decide what songs you are ok with listening to and then make a cd of them. Or, you know, a play list. Whatever. Don't include songs that trigger sadness or reminders of what you are having a hard time with in your life

It's your safe CD. Songs that you know you can listen to safely without fear of trial reminder.

In general, music should be an escape. Not an endulgence into your personal hardship.

Don't worry, things like not being able to listen to the radio can get better with time.

To hear a song that I would put on my safe cd, click on the CD cover in the beginning of this post.

Do you know what songs you would put in your safe cd?


  1. What a great idea! I like to put together CD's all the time with tunes that just put me in a great mood, even if it's mostly for their beats.
    But I never thought about a "Safe CD" that is filled with tunes that I wouldn't have to ruin my mood to listen too, I will have to give some thought to that!

    1. And if people are using cd's and not playlists, then they should keep a copy in their car!

      Sometimes the beat is the most important thing in a safe cd. It's just a matter of what songs make you happy.