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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Conditioned to Accept Pornography

Isn't it interesting how some people are so anti-porn while others don't think it's that big of a deal.

Why? What makes up the difference between these two viewpoints?

Whenever I hear a woman say, "I don't care if my husband views porn," I think she's nuts!  Because at what point did that woman sit back and decide that she was ok with her husband looking at pictures of other women and inappropriate things? And that's just the first step. Porn can get much, much worse.

I think I know the answer, though. I don't think women that say things like that actually sat back and made that as a conscious decision. I'll bet they were conditioned to give you that answer over years and years of becoming desensitized to the issue.

Because NO ONE who hasn't been desensitized decides that it's ok for their spouse to look outside of their marriage for "intimate" fulfillment. I put in the quotes because porn is not real love or intimacy.

Maybe those women had a father involved with porn and they just grew up thinking it was normal. Maybe those women have put up an emotional wall in hopes to not get hurt. Who knows exactly.

This is one reason why it is so important to speak out against porn. People need to know that this is NOT ok. Whatever circumstances you are in, pornography and all of its friends (abuse, affairs, etc) are not normal.

Never should anyone find themselves saying, "My spouse goes elsewhere for "intimacy" and it is ok with me."

Otherwise, what is the point of getting married? If you don't want a personal, private relationship?

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