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Friday, April 24, 2015

It will be ok.

I really struggled with what to post about today. I have a few blog posts already written that would be very easy to just publish and call it done. But everytime I went to publish a tip or a commentary or something else, I just felt like it wasn't right for today. That today needed to be something uplifting, something specifically happy.

Most of what I write about deals with addiction or dealing with a family members addiction. This week is also National Infertility Awareness week. This month is also child abuse precention month.

Whatever you are going through in life, whatever you are dealing with, know that it will all be ok. Really. I know it doesn't feel like it right now, and that you may feel like you are drowning in trials. But, in the end, it will all be ok.

Do your part. Get yourself in a safe, healthy position. Take care of you and your family. Do your best.

Some things will heal with time, some things will heal with therapy, some things will heal with change and progression.

Lots of therapists will talk about taking your trials to your higher power. Do it.

Whether it's here and now or in the next life, everything will be ok. Because Someone is always looking out for us. He loves us and knows us, our sorrows and our trials. He knows what we are going through and he suffered for it all. Just stick with him.

It really will be ok.

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