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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 2 of Fake Therapy Week: Group Therapy

It's Free -Fake- Therapy Week! Disclaimer: This is NOT real therapy, and I am NOT a real therapist. This is just a GOOD excuse to watch GOOD movies.

Today we are all visiting a shopaholic group therapy session.

If you obsess over something and focus on it, it will consume you. Am I right? Have you found this before too?

It's hard, especially when you have no control over a situation, to not obsess over it. You think about it, you worry about it, you dwell on it. And I personally think that is natural. But I also don't think it's always healthy.

Especially if you are the spouse of an addict, try to not let everything be about the addiction. I know that is what is on your mind, but life will be horrible if you can't give your mind at least a break from that topic.

We are meant to find joy in this life despite our trials. How can we find joy if all we focus on are our trials? That may be another reason why some therapists suggest [getting to safe place and] taking your pain and trials to your higher power. Let Him deal with it.

Easier said than done, very hard to do, but super true.

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