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Saturday, February 13, 2016

True Love vs. Exploitation : The ultimate examples

I've talked a lot this week about what true love is and isn't. I've given examples, and I've shared quotes and opinions.

In reality, there are far too many people who are dealing with more than their fair share of exploitation or the effects of exploitation, and not enough True Love from someone who should be giving it. 

So, have you seen the graphic above? Always remember that there are those who will love you always. They are there through thick and thin. There is no love that could ever match that of Christ and Heavenly Father's. 

On the other hand, the adversary will always want you to be the lowest possible. His message is the opposite of love. And there is no hate that could ever match that of the Adversary's.

Two sides here. Both wanting your attention. 

We don't always get to choose our lots in life. But this here is your decision completely. Choosing to remember Christs love, the truest love ever, is your choice. 

Sometimes our situations or other people try to choose the opposite of true love for us. But in this it is not their/ its choice. Because of Christ, we are all part of the truest love there is. No matter what others do, I am given that true love.

And I'm divorced, so you know that I am completely sincere in what I am saying. This is true, no matter your relationship status.

If you are struggling with true love this Valentine's day, remember this. That Christ died in order to give you the truest love available. It is yours, and no one can take it from you. 

So, from one loved person to another, Have a Happy Valentine's Day. We are given the love that truly counts. The love that is most important.


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