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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Men don't always have the best ideas when it comes to women . . .

I love old musicals! This one, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, is a hoot! In this scene, the seven brothers were talking about how they each had girls they loved down in the town. Their problem is that soon their mountain home would be snowed in and they wouldn't get to see the girls for months and by that time the girls might be married.

So, their "brilliant" brother tells them a story about a group of Romans who snatched a bunch of girls and made them their wives. The idea being that it worked for them, why not for us?

It is good to remember that men don't always have the best ideas when it comes to women . . .

Yeah. Of course their plan doesn't go as smoothly as they imagined it would. Shocker. They had to go through a period of banishment to the barn and begging forgiveness.

I highly recommend this movie. It is fun in a "Everybody has to learn the true meaning of love" kind of way.

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