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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reminder!!!!!!!!!! $500 discount for LifeStar 6 day IOP

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Don't forget about the $500 discount for the Life Star 6 day Intensive Outpatient Program!!!!! Spread the word if you wish, let others who might benefit know! I mean, come one! $500 off? Holy cow!!!!!!

The discount ends on the 23rd!!!!! So you've only got a week to get in on this!

Just mention Get 2 the Gist blog when you talk to them and set up your appointment!

LifeStar offers tons of awesome programs for spouses of addicts, addicts, couples, teen addicts, etc. So, even if you are just wanting information, make sure to mention that you saw LifeStar on my blog (Get2theGist) so that they know running coupons and information  on my blog is worthwhile!!!! The discount may only be for the 6 day intensive, but they have many other amazing programs to offer.

To see my original post for this coupon, check out the link:

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