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Friday, February 12, 2016

Online vs. Real Women

"But I am right here. How could you go looking for something totally fake and bad when something totally real and good is right in front of you."

It's hard to fathom.

Do you think if a pornography addict was being mugged and Superman came to rescue him, he'd turn superman away and just show the mugger a picture of superman?

Because yeah, that's about how much sense the addiction makes too.

Because it isn't about superman. Superman can be awesome and have super strength and speed and the addict would still have his addiction.

Wait, I think I got that wrong . . .


Because it isn't about the wife. The wife can be awesome and creepily and falsely "perfect" in every way and the addict would still have his addiction.

In real life, woman are REAL. Our bodies aren't perfect, and most of us are just trying to get everything done in the short 24 hours we humans like to call: a day!

But none of that matters. We are real. We are hopeful, and want the best in life. We are REAL! We are GOOD! We are of WORTH!

But the addiction has taken over. Which means that very real, good things won't be receiving the attention they deserve.

But it helps to know that it isn't personal (even if the addict says it is). Someone else's choices can not effect my worth. And someone else's issues do not reflect on me.

I can be real, and that is NORMAL.

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