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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Leave Josh Dugger' s Wife Alone

Dear Media,

Leave Josh Duggar' s wife alone. I am purposefully not using her name, as to the point of my letter.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know a whole ton about the Josh Duggar situation. Apparently, though, no one does. Which I'm pretty sure is common in this type of situation.

What I will say is this:

Leave his wife out of the picture! I have seen her photograph on articles discussing Josh's actions, articles about herself and the rest of the family, etc. 

This really bothers me! There are people out there who do so many more worse things than Josh Duggar and their spouses aren't pasted all over the news. 

When a wife is faced with the horrific situation of dealing with her husband's addiction, everything feels like it's in turmoil. You are sorting out your feelings, sorting out the situation, trying to find out what is really going on. 

And does life around you stop? No it does not. And you still want to celebrate the things worth celebrating. Not that you are always in the mood to celebrate, but you don't want to miss the happy occasions. Like babies being born, holidays, family get togethers. You WANT to be happy, you don't want to miss out. 

Only it is hard because usually your supposed knight in shining armor is dishing out crap by the barrel. 

And as you are figuring out your relationship, you are also figuring out your self image.

I can tell you for sure that most spouses of addicts would not want to go through all of this in the public eye. 

And most don't have to. Whether or not they stay with their husbands (and hopefully develope a better relationship through counceling), or if they part with their husbands, most don't have to go through it and figure this out publically.

So leave her out of this. Let her go through this hard time without the focus of the media being on her. 

I realize that the Duggar family is a sort of public family, though I never watched their show myself. But back off on this one. Let her be.


A very annoyed citizen

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