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Monday, August 31, 2015

Does a nasty, flat rat reflect on you personally?

In case you don't follow me on twitter (which, you should follow me @Jenelle_Stone ), I thought I'd tell you about a very harrowing experience that will scar me forever.

Now, the way I see it, there are three types of hardships. Self-Prescribed, Natural, and Someone Else-Prescribed.

If you did something to directly give you a trial or hardship, then it is self prescribed. If someone else did something that resulted in you going through a trial, then it is someone else-prescribed. If your trial came about naturally or without fault to anyone specifically, then it is a natural hardship.

I think we all go through each type of hardship throughout our lives to make us stronger, to teach us, and to test us.

At least in my opinion.

So the other day I met a swindler, a master of destruction, a real RAT!

No, really. It was a real rat. Well, actually, it was a gopher or a vole or something.

We have pocket gophers, which I have seen on a regular basis, but this guy looks so much smaller.

Anyway, I stepped on him in my garden without realizing it, tracked him out into the yard, and then looked down and freaked out! Maggots crawled out of the dead rodent, which made it worse.

See his nasty looking teeth?


I had to wash my shoes, scoop up the flat, dead creature and dispose of it.

Honestly, how am I supposed to overcome that kind of trauma?!!!

Now, I am tempted to ask, "Why Me?" or "Why did this happen to me?"

But sometimes things happen that have no reflection on us. I didn't go looking to step on a rodent. No one tried to put the rodent in my path so that I would step on it. This occurred naturally. It just happened.


Your trials don't always reflect you personally, especially if they are brought on naturally or by someone else's decisions.

Like with spouses of addicts. You hear all the time that your spouse's addiction is not about you. And it's true! Their addiction does not create you or define you. It will try, though. A spouse's addiction will try to make you feel awful about yourself. But it is false. It doesn't reflect on you at all.

Your trials don't always reflect on you personally.

Now, not following me on twitter (@Jenelle_Stone) will reflect on you personally. I'm just saying.

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