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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dealing with the nightmares

I would be interested to know how many spouses of addicts out there suffer from nightmares surrounding their addict spouse. Especially in the beginning after you first find out about their addiction or something related to their addiction.

My personal advice for this is thus: Prayer and reading scriptures

When you just can't go to sleep because your brain won't stop thinking about life. When you can't get rid of the nightmares about your addict spouse.

I won't say that prayer and reading scriptures gets rid of nightmares, at least not immediately. I think that time has to help a little as well. But they do offer a comfort, a chance for peace and a chance to think about something other than what is going on in your life.

And, when you just need that help, that life line to constant love and a plea for peace, who better to ask than God? If only for that short amount of time before you sleep, talking to your Father In Heaven will help.

I had a time in my life where I had to pray while falling asleep. And waking up from the nightmares, I would pray again until I fell asleep again. The nights were too full of nightmares to have the waking time around them be full of nightmares as well. Heavenly father was my lifeline, my constant Go-To. Even though I was tired, I knew that thoughts about what I was going through and my situation would keep me up. So I would read my scriptures until I was even more tired, and then I would pray until I fell asleep. Time definitely helped, prayer and reading  scriptures helped, and healing from the trauma helped.

Whatever your traumatic, hard situation is, remember to pray. Sometimes the greatest peace you will ever find is during your plea for peace.

What do you do to find peace in hard situations? Please feel free to share!

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