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Friday, March 6, 2015

Your Husband's Pornography Addiction is Not Your Fault

Sometimes a wife will feel like her husband's addiction is at least partially caused by her. That maybe somehow she didn't satisfy her husband in some way.

Then you get some addicts that also think their addiction is partially their spouses fault for the same reasoning.

This is so backwards. So backwards. 

The spouse has nothing to do with it. How can an addict go outside of his or her marriage to get a high and then turn around and say that it is the spouse's fault? 

I found an article on this subject (Link Below) that addresses this situation really well. And one of my favorite points from it is that no matter what a wife does or does not do, it is not a license for the husband to go out and sin against her. As the author points out, turning to pornography is against the basic marriage vow.

But, even if you don't feel that turning away from your wife and turning towards pornography is a sin, it is still THE ADDICTS choice. 

I think I've shared this before, but it's like a therapist once told me: The wife could be a porn star and her husband would still have his porn addiction. Because it's not about the spouse. It's about the addiction  and addiction cycle.

To see this awesome article, follow the link:

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