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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Proof That Someone Out There Is Still Trying To Make The World A Better Place

Did you know this exists? It exists! Truly. I've never had one, but that's not the point.

Whatever your trials or worries in the world, you can rest easy that there are people still trying to make the world better. Now if they'd only make it with no sugar, no calories, and no fat . . . just a suggestion. :)

Way to go, Taco Bell!


  1. LOL, oh if my sister saw this her diet would be gone as fast as she can get to one:) I am just one of those weird people who hate chocolate. But throw vanilla and strawberries with sprinkles on it, and I'm totally on it!!

    1. OOOh, actually, a vanilla taco shell would be way good. Or a toffee flavored? Like with bits of heath bar? (Without any of the chocolate covering, for you)

      When I walked past this in the store I had to do a double take. For some reason the fact that this is a real thing amazed me. Brilliant!