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Monday, March 9, 2015

Can you find me the "Real Deal?"

Scroll to bottom of post for "Ice Cream" Sandwich experiment

Have you ever heard the phrase "The Real Deal?" You know, "Oh, that Johnny is such an honest guy, He's the real deal." Or "Anny got her dream job and she can't believe it's the real deal."

The Real Deal = Legitimate, real, sincere, credible, etc. etc. etc.

So, how do you know something is the real deal? In terms of addiction, how do you know when someone really wants to turn their life around? Or how do you know that a therapy program is legitimate? Or how do you know if a friend is the right friend to tell about your trials?

How do you know when it's "The Real Deal?"

It's all about track records, trust, and results, right? If a friend has proven themselves trustworthy over and over, then you are more likely to trust them. If a therapy program has lots of good reviews and success stories, then you are more likely to attend there.

Proving that an addict really does want to turn his or her life around is much harder. Addiction is sneaky and secretive as a general rule, which makes it hard to ever really know an addict's status. Especially in the world of pornography or sexual addiction. It's not like a sexual addict can be put in a room and kept from his or her heroin dealer and come out clean after a time. A pornography addict's drug is in his head. This makes it really hard to tell when changing is "The Real Deal."

But, sometimes people have striven to prove their desire and fight to change. After a time you can see how they have turned their life for the better, and the good results around them.

Now to the gross part. This last week we did a little experiment with an ice cream sandwich. You see, a while ago we accidentally left an ice cream sandwich out overnight and were surprised at the lack of melting. So this time we are doing it on purpose.

(Note: The times I have marked here are not correct, my camera must not be set correctly. But, for the sake of scientific proof I will include the camera's time stamps)

Step #1: We unwrapped our Meadow Gold Ice Cream Sandwich and put it on a plate on the kitchen counter. MMMMMMMMMMM!
(Feb. 24, 9:20 pm)

Step #2: We waited for just over 4 hours
(Feb 25, 1:32 am)

Step #3: We Waited
(Feb 25, 11:24 am) 

Step #4: We waited for a whole week
(March 3, 10:13 pm)

Step #5: Cut into it
(March 4, 6:37 pm)

Inside was a foamy-type substance. I call it insulation. 

Here you can see finger pokes clearly in the foam.

Resolved: This is NOT real ICE CREAM! Or at least not normal. How could it be? Real Ice Cream would have melted, right?

Conclusion: Meadow Gold Ice Cream Sandwiches are NOT the "Real Deal"

In this life of fake things all around us, shouldn't we be able to rely on our ice cream being real? Or at least able to melt? 

Who's with me! Hu-zahhh!

Ok, that moment of excitement aside, I would like to extend an invitation to the other ice cream sandwich makers out there to prove that their ice cream is "The Real Deal." Even Meadow Gold. If they have another product that can step up to bat and melt, then they should bring it forward.

I'm looking for some real ice cream! Tweet me if you are up to the challenge - @Jenelle_Stone



  1. I would have never guessed, I just assumed it was ice cream. I don't really eat these and if I do, I only eat the (part I thought was ice cream) not the chocolate part. I wonder what it is then, must be a powder milk type ice cream substitute? Hmmm.

    1. I don't know why it does that, but it's gross. Ice Cream should melt!!!