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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Let it Go"

Lots of spouses worry. They stress, they stew. Constantly.

What is he looking at now, who is he texting, has he seen that woman lately, does he think I'm attractive, etc. etc. etc.

Spouses of Addicts worry a lot.

I know this is easier said than done, but: You need to just let it go.

I don't mean to let go your resolve to heal, I don't mean that you should just ignore their addiction, I don't mean that you should condone inappropriate behavior, I don't mean that you should ignore and subject your family to dangerous circumstances, I don't mean you shouldn't ask him where he was, and I don't mean to "Let Yourself Go."

What I do mean is that worrying over things you have no control over will only give you a heart attack. You can't control your husband, you can't control his addiction. Do the therapy necessary to heal yourself, and focus on you and your family's healing. You can be supportive of your husband getting help, you can't control what or how he does with it.

I don't want this to be taken in a wrong way. I am in no way saying to let things go in a way that means you are just ignoring his addiction or to condone it. And I am not saying that you should let the issues go and forget about them. You do have to act and help your family. All I am saying is to give yourself a break from the worry. What good is it going to do you?

Remember I am not a counselor, this is just my observation mixed with advice I have heard in the past.

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