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Monday, December 29, 2014

Is it cheating on your spouse if you watch porn?

Everyone debates the question: Is it cheating on your spouse if you watch/ look at pornography? Lot's of people say that it is absolutely cheating. That anything intimate that is not done with your spouse is cheating on them. Lot's of people say that it is not cheating.

I want to write more about my personal views on this subject, but I thought that I would start by posting this link to Fight the New Drug. They ask the question "Is Watching Porn Cheating On Your Partner?" I think their answer is so basic and honest that it is great. In a nutshell: When you do these actions or view porn, you are releasing hormones that create an attachment to who or whatever is involved. In essence: using porn is creating an attachment between the user and the pornography.  They go on to say that creating an attachment to anything other than your partner is absolutely cheating. Of course it is.

Isn't that such a basic answer? Of course intimately attaching to something other than your partner is cheating on them.

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