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Monday, December 15, 2014

How to talk to your spouse about your pornography addiction

This is something that I had to leave out of my last article. It would have just made it too long. But, I had asked the therapists that I interviewed at LifeStar about it and they said to go to someone for help in deciding the best way to do this. Like a qualified therapist or at least your church leaders.

So many addicts tell their spouses about their addiction in a toxic way. After all, it is probably something the addict doesn't have a lot of practice with. That's why you need to go to someone who can help you figure out a good way to tell your spouse about your addiction. 

Plus, your Spouse may be thrilled that you are already going to someone to get help. It may help to cushion the blow of finding out about your addiction.

But, if I can tell you anything in this post, it is to be understanding with the spouse that you are telling. They will probably be upset. And understandably. This is one of those hard pills in life that you just need to swallow.

And for goodness sake, don't wait until your spouse catches you in the act. That would make it ten times worse!

Be understanding, be humble, and be kind to your spouse. 

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