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Monday, May 23, 2016

Call it what it is: a monkey...or is it an ape?

Not only do I get this song stuck in my head virtually every time I go to the zoo, it is quite educational!

If it doesn't have a tail, it is an ape. If it has a tail, it is a monkey.

Until Larry the cucumber starts applying this concept to everything: comets, cows, etc.

Which I think we all do sometimes. We try to explain others' situations by using our own experiences and knowledge. It doesn't always work.

I do this all the time with my garden. I look at other people's gardens and think, why aren't I getting the same results? I have a monkey, they have a monkey... shouldn't we both have the same thing?

No. Different soils, different gopher and vole problems, different experience levels, etc. will make a huge difference. Which is comforting to know. Your experiences will always be unique to you.

This is a cute video!

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