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Thursday, June 2, 2016

The sign said walk...

The sign said walk...

True story.

I was standing on the corner of an intersection, waiting for the little blue man to pop up on the crosswalk sign.

When he arrived, and the sign said it was safe for me to go, something else arrived as well.

A train.

A train!

A train arrived at the same time the sign told me to cross the intersection.

I believe this is commonly referred to as a conflict of interest.

Because last time I checked, sharing a crosswalk with a train was not a good idea.

And yet people metaphorically do this all the time. Like with pornography. I heard a gal on the radio yesterday defending the use pornography, even claiming that it had helped some couples.

And I'm sitting here thinking, can't you see the dang train coming down the track?

The train that will inevitably bring unrealistic expectations, a feeling of lessened self worth, and the chance at a raging addiction that takes you to more and more grotesque things with every stop.

At some point the metephorical pornography train makes a surprise appearance at everyone's crosswalk. Sometimes it's a picture that pops up on the internet, something on the tv, a not-so-good friend, or a spouse that brings it into the home.

And at that point, you will have to make a decision. Do you try to beat the train across the walk, do you try to get just close enough to see the train up close, or do you stay firmly on the sidewalk and refuse to play chicken.

If we are talking about an actual train, the answer seems obvious. You don't mess with the train, you stay on the sidewalk.

But talking about something more psychological and emotional, it is amazing how many people choose to try and beat the train.

You can't beat the train. Commit to staying planted on the sidewalk.

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