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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2016 Fake Therapy Week Day 3: "Death Therapy"

Last year we visited "Doctor Leo Marvin" (From What About Bob), and this year we are happy to welcome him back to our Fake Therapy Week!

Note: Death therapy might get you life in prison or maybe even the firing squad. It isn't actually a thing.

However, finding a way to conquer your fears can be a good thing, right?

That depends on what your fear is, I suppose. 


Fear of hard work :            Conquer it!                - Hard work brings better things
Fear of 1970's music:        Don't conquer it         -Don't bother. It isn't worth it.
Fear of failure:                   Conquer it!                -If you don't try, you won't succeed
Fear of man buns:              Don't conquer it         -Man buns are truly disturbing
Fear of Spiders:                 Conquer it!                 -That thing is like, 1 bazillionth your size. Step on it!

Just my opinion. :) 

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