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Monday, April 25, 2016

2016 Fake Therapy Week Day 1: "I'm a veritable cornucopia of high octane maladies..."

Welcome to the first session of this year's "Fake Therapy Week!"

Today we are joining "Nurse Mackaroy's" group therapy session.

Watch the video and then we'll talk...

"Goodness! I've never encountered a patient who suffers from so many diseases that don't exist."
-Nurse Mackaroy

Haha! So funny. 

And then in the end, to convince her that he really does have issues, he tells her that he's from the future.


Here's the thing. Even the most normal of normal person in the world is a "veritable cornucopia of high octane maladies." 

Whether they be big or small issues, we are all figuring something out. Like, maybe you aren't a good listener (I believe that is called Earsclosed-a-titis). Or maybe you are grieving over the loss of a loved one, maybe you have insecurity, you may be overwhelmed by a situation. Maybe you are having a rough time at work or school. Maybe you wish you weren't an introvert. Maybe you are stressed, sad about something, impatient.

That's life. We all have things we are dealing with. I mean, who hasn't had issues at work or school, right?

It's normal.

Take a deep breath, and don't feel the need to tell people you are from the future just so they will care about what you are going through.

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