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Friday, January 29, 2016

How to plan a political party! Part 1

I love watching news coverage about the presidential race. One of the best parts? The debates. I watch both the Republican debates and the Democrat debates because I like to be informed of where all the candidates stand, whether I ever see a chance of me voting for them or not.

Why am I talking about this? Because a debate is a chance to throw a party. And who doesn't like parties?! 

Celebrate anything you can. Even if it is only your ability to celebrate!

I came up with this little chart to give you ideas for your "political party" food:


I had fun with this. It was hard! Some of these candidates have names that don't fit with anything. Like Ben Carson. What food to use with him? But he seems sweet, so I guess Jelly Bens works alright. 

I found teddy bear ice cream online and I had to do this for Cruz! Thanks for being called Ted! It added an awesome desert! 

Bush was hard as well. But I saw the Soda Pop and it kind of fell into place. 

Christie's jumped out at me immediately. 

My favorite part of this was the M-egg and Jelly bit. Awesome! 

Any way, it was fun! And watching the debate last night was fun, too!

Now to plan for the Democrat Debate . . . 

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