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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Drunk Dog?

So the other day I passed a homeless man and his dog walking the opposite way that I was. I couldn't help but notice that the dog had a hug bottle hanging from its mouth with some alcoholic drink in it.

The lady walking in front of me said something to the homeless man about the dog. His response was basically to smile and shrug his shoulders.

Like having a drinking dog was the most normal thing in the world.


Though I suppose this shouldn't be a shocker, right? After all, people excuse away other peoples' actions with a smile and a shrug of the shoulder all the time. So, why not a dog?

We have a world where everyone feels entitled to do whatever they want whenever they want and the rest of us are expected to except their actions as a-ok because it was their choice. This mentality that as long as what you are doing is what you want then you can do no wrong.

Just because someone has the right to make a choice does not make that choice good. There is still right and wrong.

And what people don't understand is that we can still love and care for someone while not supporting their poor choices. You don't have to cheer on someone's decisions to love them.

And what it seems no one in the world understands anymore is that there are consequences. having a drunk, sick dog after letting him drink a bottle of liquor.

So this time it was a dog being smiled and shrugged at. What will it be next time?

Society is going to the dogs. Pun intended.

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