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Friday, December 11, 2015

Guest Post by Author L.G. Rollins!!!! True Love's Counterfeit

Today we have a Guest Blog Post by Author L.G. Rollins. Her  new book,  Shadows of Angels, just came out on the 8th!!!!!! Immediately following this I will post a review of her book and a chance for you to win a copy of the e-book!

Desperate Love: True Love's Counterfeit

by L.G. Rollins

I have worked for many years with high-school girls in my community. Some are out-going and bright; others are reserved, sweet, and wise. But there is one thing that is the same for every girl I have ever met—I would argue, every girl that has ever lived.

All girls have to feel loved.

We crave it. We die without it. We all need love in our lives. I'm not talking strictly about romantic love. I mean any kind of love. The love between a mother and daughter, or the love between teacher and student, and even the love between friends. We create love, and we call out for love.

But, unfortunately, love is not always given back. And seeing girls who receive love abundantly and girls who don't, has changed my ideas of what love is and how it effects us. Most certainly, it molded a particular character I wrote of in my novel Shadows of Angels. Hilfawn's relationships with others is largely driven by her need to prove herself worthy of love and respect. I wrote her like that, because I've seen it—heavens, I've done it—many times over.

"All girls have to feel loved. When they don't find it at home, desperation will drive them to do almost anything."
~ Lady Teepin, in Shadows of Angels by L. G. Rollins

If Hilfawn were my own daughter, this is what I'd tell her:

Hold your head high, you don't have to prove anything. You do deserve love. You do deserve respect. Not because of how you look, how you dress, or how much skin you're willing to show. It's not because of what you've done, or what you haven't done. You deserve love because you're a human being, because you live.

And here's the secret.

You must love yourself enough that you can live on your own love until someone comes along who knows how to love you the right way. Hold out until you meet that someone who knows that love, at its core, is based on goodness, not selfishness.

Hold out—love will find you.

But you must help it along by loving yourself enough to not buy into a desperate love in the mean time. If someone says they love you, but they hurt you as often as not, you are in a 'desperate love' and not a 'true love' relationship.

True Love only comes to those who are truly kind.

Help love find you by showing yourself respect in the way you dress and in the things you say. If you hang out with those who tear others down, then they are tearing you down. Find friends who know this secret.

I wish I could tell every girl this. I wish every girl knew how much she's worth—how much love she truly has to give.

Just hold out a little longer. Love's coming your way. Just love yourself until it reaches you.

About Rollins:

L. G. Rollins grew up in a far off land fighting dragons, stealing talismans, and traveling with dwarfs and elves. She is especially skilled at bribing giants with sweets. Currently, her husband and four kids live in Utah so that is where she spends most of her time. She may, or may not, have a Zaad Stone. To learn more about L. G. Rollins and her books visit

Note From Jenelle: I loved Rollins' point at the beginning about love coming in many different forms. Love between spouses, love between parent and child, siblings, friends, etc.

Some relationships are full of love, some are not. Remember though, that no matter your relationship status with any of these, there is One who will always truly love you. And that is a love you don't have to wait for. He has already proven it.

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