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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Do's - Etiquette according to Jimmy Johns

My favorites are "Offer your seat to... people with fire arms" and "Put your napkins on your lap-and leave other people's laps alone."

No one teaches etiquette any more, do they? While growing up I was always taught to put a napkin on my lap while eating, especially at a nice restaurant. No one else does that any more. You should say thank you, push in your chair after you leave a table, have a general respect for others, etc. Etiquette, manners, they are quickly becoming lost art forms. 

I can picture our great great grandmothers, were they in our position, telling their children to sit up straight, not to use slang, and to put that cell phone away.

Do you still teach your kids etiquette? Did your parents teach you?


  1. Love this! When I work in the libraries I seriously look around and wonder why people just don't care anymore, where did all the common courtesy and etiquette go? It's sad really, some people just come in screaming and yelling and seeing nothing wrong with it. Others think a bra is a totally acceptable item to wear in place of a shirt. Others think there is no point in waiting their turn, they will literally but in and push people aside.
    My neighbor who is in her 90's occasionally hold tea parties and invites the young woman to come and learn manners and proper etiquette for dinners, dancing and everything that is pretty much gone in society now days. Truthfully I kind of miss it, thankfully all my sisters teach their kids correctly still:)

  2. So true! It is amazing what people think is acceptable these days!