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Monday, September 14, 2015

Web Cam Covers?

The fact that this even has to be a thing astounds me. Have you ever seen the movie Abducted? Where they hack into the computer and spy on them through the camera? Or Batman? Or practically half of the movies made in the last 5 years?

I read a story on the Blaze a while back (and have read several similar stories since) about a family who heard yelling comming from their baby nursery. When they went in, the baby camera turned toward the parents and the person who had hacked it started yelling at them!


Just Sick.

Do you get concerned about this kind of thing? I think in general people just assume it won't happen to them until they have proof that it does. And in many ways, buying actual covers for your devices seems a little paranoid. On the other hand, there are sick people who hack into baby cameras and yell at families! And sick people who would love to get into your camera.

So, you tell me. Are you worried about this? Better safe than sorry?

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