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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jenelle's Picks - Home Free

I wish I had the resources to put something together like this show, Home Free. It's amazing! Bring you close to tears every single episode AMAZING!!!!!! 9 couples compete on a reality show, fixing up 1 house per week for families in need. Every week, depending on how they all did, one family is eliminated from the competition and they are sent home. Whoever is left standing at the end gets a dream home of their own!!! 

What the couples don't realize is when they  are eliminated, they win the home that was fixed up that week! And they don't know that they have won until they are eliminated, everyone else drives away and they think they've lost. 

How cool is that!!!  Everyone wins a home!!!!!

The Lowdown:

No swearing that I recall, no nudity. There are different types of couples on the show. Some married, some have kids, some are dating, there are siblings, a homosexual couple. They all learn to do home repair. Mike Holmes is the host and supervisor. 

The season finale just ended, so the whole thing is on Amazon. Click on the link above to check it out. 

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