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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Small flowers, Big gesture

My mom and I found these sweet, pretty flowers in the car the other day after taking it in for an oil change. I go to this place frequently, and this is the second time that the men there have left me a flower, tucked into the air vent.

I thanked them before climbing into the car, and they acted like it wasn't a big deal.

But it is a big deal. Because it brightened my day. There is a special feeling in having someone do sweet gestures like this. It's like a recognition that you are worth a flower. And these are strangers to me, people who don't know me. This was solely someone taking a moment to send the message that they care. Not about me, because they don't know me. But about me as a person. Everyone deserves to be treated like this.

Amazing what one small flower can tell a girl, eh?

I want to find ways to do this myself. What can I do to let complete strangers know that I care? What can I do to brighten someone's day?

What small thing can you do to make a big difference to someone else?

If you have a similar story where the small actions of someone else made your day, please share it!

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