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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Um... this is awkward.

Wow. I found this beauty watching me from a bin at Walmart. It had massive, staring eyes and a wide, stalker-like smile. My initial reaction was, "What the... crud?" My second reaction was, "Someone actually took the time to come up with this product?" And my final reaction was to take a picture.

There are lots of people trying to sell us loads of crud. The trick is seeing it for what it really is.  Whether it's a lie, a cover-up, or sometimes someone will want us to do things for the wrong reasons. In this case, it's an over-priced, creepy pillow.

Stare at it for 10 seconds for maximum creep-out effect.


  1. Haha, I totally have a little one that I found for $0.80 sitting on the basket of extra toilet paper in our downstairs bathroom. I agree with the message, though.

    1. Hey! Obviously it's been a while since I've checked messages. It is totally creepy! I think it would creep me out in your downstairs bathroom, too. :)