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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: Florence Foster Jenkins

Warning: this post is full of spoilers. If you have any interest at all in seeing Florence Foster Jenkins, don't read this post.

So, I was excited to go see the movie Florence Foster Jenkins. It looked fun, interesting, and like one of those "feel good movies."

On the surface, and what I understood from the trailers, is that the movie is about a woman who wants to sing, but can't. Her attempts to sing, however, are inspiring.

The movie itself was visually beautiful. It was also very well made. No expenses spared.

What I didn't realize before I went to see it, is that the whole movie is about her husband's affair. Yes, the WHOLE movie. If it was purely a show about her singing, they could have had it over in 20 minutes. Instead you were either watching her husbands affair, watching other people find out about his affair, seeing the affects of his affair, or wondering about his affair.

Even while she was singing I was thinking, "But what about his affair?!!"

The worst part is that there was no resolution. There was no "I shouldn't have had an affair" or "Wasn't she an amazing woman for working this out with me" or even a "look at all the things I missed out on because I was wrapped up in my affair."

I felt like the whole point in the husband's character was that he felt like he could be completely devoted and in relationships with both his wife and his girlfriend.

If there was any real resolution, I missed it.

The movie was based on real people. However, not all real couples should be broadcast on the big screen.

The movie was not poorly made. The costumes were great, the characters were interesting. Visually, it was a beautiful movie. I also love Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep. There were many times I laughed out loud, there were many times I enjoyed watching the musical parts.

But the overlying message was awful. Even watching Florence's success at living her dream was dampened by also watching her husband's affair.

So... well made, poor message.

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