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Monday, December 5, 2016

Did the twig know it could do this?

So, at the beginning of garden season last year, I decided to try something new. A friend of mine takes her tomato plants and wraps them up with plastic wrap to make mini green houses. As a result, she is able to put them out super early in the season and then get tomatoes early as well.

I tried it. A couple of my tomato plants were OK, a couple of them died right off, and a couple of them were hanging on by a thread. I didn't pull up one of these barely hanging on plants, and I let my marigolds grow up around it.

It was basically a twig in the ground.

Then, at the end of the season, I found this! One lone tomato, decent in size, hanging from the top of that twig. No leaves, no color, and no growth. But on the top, a nice, juicy tomato.

I had another nice, big plant that I think only gave me one or two tomatoes.

Even when you're feeling like you are hanging on by a thread, don't count yourself out. Your influence reaches farther than you know, and more people rely on you than you realize.

And when someone comes along that seems like a better "plant" than you, just remember that looks are deceiving.

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