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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Introducing: Captain Jack Sparrow!

Welcome to the 2nd annual Individual Worth Week! 

To kick off the week, I thought we'd visit Jack Sparrow. Ehem, sorry: Captain Jack Sparrow. 

Ignore the part where he lies and steals (not the best message for individual worth week), and focus on the boat. Or lack there of. Even when things are going south, even when the boat is literally sinking, Jack never lets go of his sense of self. He knows who he is, he has his goals, and he isn't going to settle or put himself down.

Think back to the time when you first saw this movie. The opening shot of Jack standing boldly above the sails, insinuated that he was standing on some grand ship. But why? It isn't like they really showed any of the ship itself. No, you think he's on a grand ship because of the way he is acting, his boldness, his confidence. He is taking what he has and making the best of it, sticking to who he knows he is.

Then he jumps down and you realize that he is in a tiny, sinking boat. I bet you laughed the first time you saw it. And yet, did it lessen your views of Jack? You might have been surprised, but in the end you knew that Jack was serious. That he took himself seriously, and that he had a strong sense of self.

Throughout the movie you know that Jack is a pretty big deal because of the way he treats himself and views himself. Not because of the way others viewed him

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