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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Everyone has problems

Sometimes people feel alone, that they are the only person or family that has do deal with crap or get through hard times. Especially with things like Facebook and Pinterest which frequently give the impression that most of your friends have perfect lives.

Which... is a lie.

Everyone has problems.

The problems are different, of course. Some people have to deal with health problems, others financial problems, or marital problems, etc. etc. etc. Or more likely a combination of hard times.

That's life. Choosing how you get through the hard times.

And apparently, I had no idea how wide spread it was, there is a pandemic of warped feet spreading throughout the world.

Otherwise, how do you explain this:

Displaying 20160521_144320.jpgDisplaying 20160521_144320.jpg

Or these:

The store was full of them!


So, remember that no matter what hard times you are going through, you are not alone.

Everyone is dealing with something.

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