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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I'm sure you look great! You just can't please everyone.

The other day I found myself being appraised by someone. They were so obviously looking over my outfit, judging. They might have even had their lips pursed. It took all of my strength not to ask in a sarcastic voice, "Well? How did I measure up to your standards?"

I was wearing jeans, a nice blouse, and a jacket. And, amazingly, a necklace. (I always have good intentions to wear necklaces, but it rarely happens). There wasn't anything exceptionally amazing about my appearance, nor did I think I looked trodden. I just looked . . . normal.

Years ago in college, a similar situation happened to me and my roommates. What happened all those years ago was much, much worse.

Three of us were at a dance, standing off in the "waiting" section. This was the place where anyone wanting to dance could hang out and anyone wanting to ask could come there. Standing and talking, the three of us watched this young man walk right up to us. He slowly walked by all three of us, looking us all up and down in what felt like an exaggerated motion. He would look one of us up and down, move to the next one and look her up and down, and then went to the last of us and looked her up and down.

And in the end, he passed us all up!

My roommates and I looked at each other and just burst out laughing.

Why? because it was so awkward!

The three of us were all very different. Different heights, different hair colors, different styles of clothing, and different (if he had gotten to know us) personalities.

And yet he couldn't bring himself to ask any of us to dance after his crazy appraisal?

Really, it was rude.

But the point is that you will never please everybody. You will always get the people who think you need a designer purse. You will always get the people who don't understand why you aren't always wearing makeup when they drop by your house. You will always meet those who can't fathom wearing tennis shoes with an outfit, even when you are going to be walking miles and miles that day.

And just like that young man at the dance, there are people who will never be satisfied.

Which has nothing to do with you.

Frankly, I feel bad for the people who can't imagine wearing sweats out of the house. There is no way they are as comfortable as I am.

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