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Monday, January 30, 2017

Sidewalk Ends

Every sidewalk ends at some point. Either ending in a dead end, a wall, or sometimes just undeveloped, uncharted area. And usually you don't expect the sidewalk to end, it just does.

And you find yourself unsure, peeking around the sign to try and figure out how to continue your journey.

What now?

What next?

Shouldn't there be a dang side walk?!

How do I do this?

But seriously, why are we even surprised? EVERY SIDEWALK ENDS. That doesn't mean your path ends, or your journey ends. It just means that you've hit a snag, a conflict, a puzzle, a point where you have to figure out how to continue. It just means you have to work out what to do next. Whether that means braving the rough ground, finding another path, or taking a step back. Or multiple steps.

Everyone pauses when the sidewalk ends. It's natural to experience that moment of "well crud, what do I do now?" But ending sidewalks are a part of life. Otherwise you'd end up just going in circles.

Ending sidewalks will eventually be what gets you somewhere.

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